Enlightening users with the newly launched Norton Core setup

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We all are aware of the fact that cyberthreats are evolving day by day. This creates demand for developing such a core setup that can offer comprehensive protection to the devices with its components such as Device security, secured VPN, cloud backup, password manager and so on. All the above components are present in the newly launched Norton Core setup. The core setup mentioned above is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, Android, and others.

Below are its specifications offered to the Norton users at times they install and activate it in their systems: -
• Effectively delivers the optimized performance in terms of data security and integrity of your personal information.
• The setup’s core can simultaneously transmit the data at 2.4 and 5 Giga-hertz frequencies by eliminating dead zones so that the device can use the best available frequency band.
• The core can efficiently supercharge the satellite signals from the beamforming antenna to client’s remote location having Wifi router.

Below is the detailed 3 steps procedure to install the core setup of Norton: -

Detailed procedure of setting up Norton core

Step 1
• Check the Norton core light. If the light is off, try to connect the power cord to another power socket.
• Initially, the light blinks as per the below sequence:-
 If it waits for the IP address, then it both fades-in and fades-out white for the first ten seconds, and blinks white after 60 seconds.
 If it is blinking white with 0.5 seconds on and off, then it has obtained an IP address and connected with the internet.
 If the white light is blinking slowly with 2 seconds on or 1 second off, this means that the application that you have downloaded from norton.com/setup is registering the Norton core router to your account.
 If the light has solid white, this means that the Norton core has downloaded the latest firmware for its existing completed setup.
 If the light has solid amber (yellow resin like) color, check your Internet connection as per the below-mentioned steps.

Step 2

 Check your Internet connection. The modem provided by your Internet Service Provider is properly connected and powered on.
 If your hardware is a combination of both modem and router, set the hardware in bridge mode so that the data packets can securely traverse on your network.
 After you set up your combo hardware, check if its’ Power and DSL lights are visible.
 It’s time to connect your computer with the gateway of your hardware’s LAN port and check if you are able to access the internet.
 Now, you need to deal with one of the below scenarios: -
 If you can access your internet, jump to step 3 directly.
 If you can’t access your Internet, contact your service provider.

Step 3

• Factory Reset Norton core using the reset button. Locate the reset button at the router’s base with a rounded arrow.
• Press and hold it for 10 seconds and then, release it. The light will blink faster than normal, which will indicate that the factory reset process has just begun.
• Wait for one minute. The light status will turn from a slow blinking white to solid white.
• It’s time to ping your IP address and check if the Norton core setup is able to access your network or not.

If you follow all the above steps, you will be able to get new core at the Norton’s application that you have downloaded from norton.com/setup. For more details about the product’s specifications and its associated ways of installing the Norton core setup successfully, you can visit our blog and get extensive knowledge about the quality aspects of Norton’s 360 protection feature to enjoy fast and secure browsing on your workstations.

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